Saturday, July 07, 2007

Happy Late Birthday to Me!

Monday was my birthday. I told Steven when he woke up that morning that he was 10 months that day BUT MOMMY WAS 27. We actually celebrated my birthday on Saturday; I thought that the importance of my "fake" birthday was lost on him until he took a three hour nap that afternoon. That was a nice present since he had also taken a nap that morning...ahhh, it's even nice to remember five days later! All my family came over for a birthday celebration. They were not as excited about Steven's nap as I was; although, he only slept another hour after they arrived. Then that night they all graciously babysat Steven (5 babysitters for one kid has to be a record!), while Charlton took me downtown to Artista for dinner (delicious!) and a show at the Hobby Center. Lindsay and Kyle (they are doing their Blue Steel impressions below- it's from a movie if you're confused) spent the night with us and stayed a while on Sunday afternoon after church to visit. It was a wonderful birthday weekend.


Serg and Lis said...

Laura, you look like a knock out in your little black dress!!!:) oh yeah,Charlton is looking pretty handsome himself!:) Great photos....I'm sorry we missed your birthday:( I think 27 was a great year for me--it was full of adventure!!! I hope it will be as great year for you:) I think it is going to rain today!!!;)

Sara Carolina said...