Monday, July 30, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday to Saige!

My little niece turned ONE yesterday! I can't believe how old she is! Cheryl and Patrick had a family party for her at their house that was a lot of fun with lots of sentimental value. She is so sweet. I love having a niece and it's fun to watch her grow because Steven and her are so different. I love all the noises and gestures she makes- they just exude girliness. I switched to Cheryl and Patrick camera after a few pictures so this is the only one I have from yesterday (I'd like to say that Saige is thinking "Hey that's my's can't play with that."). I'll add more pics of them below from a few weeks ago that I never posted. I'm so excited to add another niece to our family (Cheryl's due Nov 19 with #2)- it's good for Steven is learn how he needs to play gently with girls and fun for me! Reality Check: Steven and Saige are exactly 5 weeks apart, so that means my baby is turning one in 5 weeks and I don't know if I can handle it!

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~the seven of us~ said...

They look like they are having so much fun. Won't be long to you will planning Steven's party!!
Boy, time sure flies....