Monday, April 23, 2007

Mom with Steven

Just wanted to post these pics that Charlton took of Steven and I on Saturday before we walked over to a friend's birthday party. Steven seems so old now that he is crawling and going to birthday parties. The three of us are tired today; we think that Steven's working on some more teeth. He's been waking a couple of times during the night for the last two nights- Charlton and I hope they come in soon. It's funny how quickly you get accustomed to eight hours of consecutive sleep again.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


That's right...Steven crawled this morning for the first time. It has been a slow, hard, frustrating process for him; he's been working on it for over a month, but slow and steady wins the race, right?! Charlton and I have been trying to help him move his knees forward- that was the last piece of the puzzle. This morning we were playing on the floor; I was talking to him and he was staring down an out-of-reach toy he wanted, when he slowly crawled about a foot to it. It took me a minute because there was no celebration on his end, but then I just went crazy and Steven grinned sheepishly like, "Mom, you don't have to get SO excited"; but I knew he was proud of himself. I wasn't anxious for him to crawl since I know that this will change everything- no more sitting him with his toys in the middle of the floor and knowing that he's safe. Although, he's been so frustrated that he can't go anywhere or play with the older boys at bible study and playgroups, that I'm happy for his new accomplishment. Oh, and please excuse our bedhead. =)
He understands so much more than you would think. He decided that he would crawl over to an end table and chew on it- I guess with his new freedom he decided he could do whatever he wanted. I was right there (he's bold, huh?) so I told him "no" and lightly pushed his mouth off the table so he would understand. He grinned, then got serious when I didn't smile (that is SO hard), and I thought I saw a flicker of understanding shadow his cute little face. He didn't try it again so I told him that he was a good boy and he got a kiss. I doubt that this is the way it will go every time, but a mom can dream, can't she? =)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


A picture with our friends the Rublis who live across the street (and we go to the same church-crazy, right?). Jackson was baptized on Sunday- congrats to the three of you! We're are so glad that we are neighbors and friends.


Here's the promised picture post (say that three times fast). Steven started eating crackers this week which I love because giving him a cracker instantly fixes any situation and holds his attention indefinitely. The last two weeks he's had a weird thing with his highchair- he would scream like he's in pain whenever I put him in it. I think he just wants me to hold him while I feed him (which I have resorted to a few desperate times) but I absolutely refuse to do anymore because I know it's a bad habit for us to get into.
It's that darn separation anxiety/mommy fascination that is he has right now. And it's not that he wasn't hungry because I would offer him a bit out of the highchair and he wanted it. So, last week I put him in the highchair and gave him a cracker before the wailing got too loud...problem solved. Now, he's fine with the highchair even without a cracker and just eats he's food like he use to. Interesting, huh? He does make a mess with it, though, which is pretty funny. My dustbuster is getting a lot of use.
Sometimes a piece even gets lost between his toes.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Harry Potter Predictions

Many of you will not be interested in this post because you're not into Harry Potter. Feel free to skip it knowing that I will soon post more pictures of Steven. I have finished reading through all the Harry Potter books for the second time and can now make my predictions. Charlton has already posted his predictions on his blog.
  • Hogwarts will be closed or very few students will return in book 7. It will not be a fully functioning school as it has been in the last 6 books.
  • The Order of the Phoenix will set up headquarters at Hogwarts. They need a new place since Sirius' house was left to Bellatrix through the family's will (even though Sirius left it to Harry); Rowling has said in almost every book that Hogwarts is the safest place for Voldemort's enemies. Also in book 6, we hear of how Voldemort wants to be in Hogwarts not to teach but to find out more about its mysterious magic and protective powers. I think this will play a large role in book 7, and it makes sense for the "good guys" to be there.
  • Dumbledore is dead and will remain so. However, he will still play a major role in Book 7 by conversing with the Order and Harry through his portrait in the headmistress's office.
  • Harry will continue to hunt the Horcruxes and finally Voldemort. Hogwarts will also be his headquarters to be able to discuss info with Dumbledore and members of the Order.
  • Snape is a good guy. I can't elaborate here because I just can't wrap my mind around it...but he is.
  • Harry and Ginny will survive and end up together, as will Ron and Hermoine.
  • Neville will be one of the main characters to die--thus living up to his parents' sacrifice in their attempt to kill Voldemort during the First War. One of the Weasleys will also die as well as many others- it is a war after all.
  • Harry will succeed in destroying all the Horcruxes and killing Voldemort.
  • By killing Voldemort, Harry will undo an ancient form of magic that will bring back to life those who Voldemort killed to separate his soul. This will bring Harry's parents back to life.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Charlton's blog

Charlton started his own blog. He will have fewer pictures but many more thought-provoking posts. So it won't be nearly as entertaining as mine but you can still check it out! =)

Happy Easter!

What strange Easter weather we are having- it was in the 30's yesterday morning!! Thankfully, Steven had a white long-sleeve onesie to wear under his shirt so he could still wear his Easter outfit. He would have been very upset if he couldn't wear it (ok, mommy would have been upset, especially after having to hem his pants). =)
We had a quiet Easter at home recovering from our trip. We took pictures (inside) of Steven with his Easter basket- no candy this year but he got a couple of small toys and Baby Enstein CDs. He wasn't as interested in the plastic Easter eggs as I thought he would be; maybe it's because he knew they were empty!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Texas Vacation

We returned from our first family vacation yesterday. We decided to take a trip to San Antonio since we hadn't been in years. It was far enough that we felt like we were getting away, but not too far in case Steven wouldn't sleep in the car or in the hotel. He did very well (in both), though, so those three hours in the car went by pretty quickly. Although, Steven was very happy to get out of his car seat when we got to the hotel. We stayed for 3 nights and this is what we did.
Playing after a "long" drive Steven's a real Texan now...he's been to the Alamo.

We spent a lot of time walking on the Riverwalk.
Steven got his first taste of ice cream: Haagen Dazs Vanilla (Daddy's favorite). He initially wanted some, as you can see in the first picture, but I guess was disappointed (too cold, maybe?) by the look on his face. We decided that was a good thing and that he'll like it soon enough. Plus, that leaves more for us.
We visited San Antonio's Botanical Gardens.
Steven 's souvenir from our trip is his first cowboy hat. There's a new sheriff in town! We had a great time!