Thursday, April 12, 2007

Harry Potter Predictions

Many of you will not be interested in this post because you're not into Harry Potter. Feel free to skip it knowing that I will soon post more pictures of Steven. I have finished reading through all the Harry Potter books for the second time and can now make my predictions. Charlton has already posted his predictions on his blog.
  • Hogwarts will be closed or very few students will return in book 7. It will not be a fully functioning school as it has been in the last 6 books.
  • The Order of the Phoenix will set up headquarters at Hogwarts. They need a new place since Sirius' house was left to Bellatrix through the family's will (even though Sirius left it to Harry); Rowling has said in almost every book that Hogwarts is the safest place for Voldemort's enemies. Also in book 6, we hear of how Voldemort wants to be in Hogwarts not to teach but to find out more about its mysterious magic and protective powers. I think this will play a large role in book 7, and it makes sense for the "good guys" to be there.
  • Dumbledore is dead and will remain so. However, he will still play a major role in Book 7 by conversing with the Order and Harry through his portrait in the headmistress's office.
  • Harry will continue to hunt the Horcruxes and finally Voldemort. Hogwarts will also be his headquarters to be able to discuss info with Dumbledore and members of the Order.
  • Snape is a good guy. I can't elaborate here because I just can't wrap my mind around it...but he is.
  • Harry and Ginny will survive and end up together, as will Ron and Hermoine.
  • Neville will be one of the main characters to die--thus living up to his parents' sacrifice in their attempt to kill Voldemort during the First War. One of the Weasleys will also die as well as many others- it is a war after all.
  • Harry will succeed in destroying all the Horcruxes and killing Voldemort.
  • By killing Voldemort, Harry will undo an ancient form of magic that will bring back to life those who Voldemort killed to separate his soul. This will bring Harry's parents back to life.

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slackerman said...

I am with you on just about everything. I think JK has made it clear many times that once you are dead, you are dead. I think, the spirits coming out of Voldy's wand at the end of G.O.F. were the closest thing to someone "coming back" as we are going to get.