Thursday, November 29, 2007

Living Proof

I know that when I tell or blog about things that Steven does, people probably think that I am exaggerating. A lot of things he's been doing do seem beyond the ability of a 15 month old (on Sunday)- at least to me. BUT this time I have proof! I had the camera in my hand because I was taking a picture of his Christmas socks, but what I got was much better. He just started climbing into the chair BY HIMSELF and did it several times. He looked at me half way through while he was struggling to pull himself up that last little bit and chuckled like "what have gotten myself into?" I had to make one of those "you won't believe what your son just did" phone calls.

That was fun...let's do it again!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Sorry Mom, I have to take this one...

Steven's favorite toys are things that aren't toys at all, and electronics are the best!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Day

We spent a traditional Thanksgiving Day (and a lot of the week) with my family. Gama came over and Lindsay and Kyle were in town. Steven had a blast playing and loved all the attention. It was a relaxing but fun week. We had Charlton all to ourselves for 4.5 days- great, since he's very busy at work right now. It was great that my parents live so close; we got to see everyone so much more. I had to post a picture of Steven's first taste of pumpkin pie. It was a big hit!Steven's doing the baby sign for "full belly."
You can't tell in this picture, but Steven gave Gama a kiss good-bye. He just started doing that this week and it might be my favorite "trick" so far. =)Next up: This weekend we will be with the Wimberlys to celebrate Thanksgiving and two birthdays (Charlton's- Nov 30 and Popo's- Dec 10).

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Meeting Meadow

Last night I finally got to see Meadow. I had to wait a whole week; first, I was making sure that we wouldn't pass Steven's virus on to them and then most of them got really sick as well. It was so a really bad way! You can read about their first week on Cheryl's blog. I don't know how she survived. Anyway, everyone is well now so we went over to meet Meadow for the first time.
This next picture is as close to getting a picture of Meadow and Steven together as we could get. He was not at all interested and I'm not sure that he even noticed that there is a new baby around. He looked in her direction maybe once and was not impressed; he was much more interested in Saige's toys. Maybe during the holidays we can get a picture of the three cousins together but I didn't want to push it last night. All I was concerned about was that I got to hold Meadow. Is that selfish? In my defense, Charlton got to hold her too!
Sweet Saige! She was so cute and kept pointing to Meadow and saying "baby."
Saige was going to put her baby in the bouncer and we thought it was so cute.
We were talking about how big Steven and Saige seem now that we have Meadow right next to them. Patrick picked Steven up and starting rocking him like a baby. They said Saige hates that. Steven just looked at him like "what are you doing," but he didn't move. I guess the beard is intimating.

Steven loves to push Saige around in things. He tried to push her while she was sitting in her Bumbo but of course that didn't work as well. We were a little nervous though because he pushes his dump truck at home around until he hits a wall. And there was a little too much of a gleam in his eye. Watch out, Saige!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Little Longhorn be more clear...Steven's a longhorn because we are Texans...NOT to be confused with our college's rival, Univ. of Texas Longhorns, (notice the shirt is red not orange). We went to Texas A&M Univ. in case anyone was wondering. Cute shirt, Mammaw!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

First Pictures of Meadow

Meadow Rae Wimberly
6 lbs. 13 oz.
19.25 inches
Born at 12:19 pm

Here are the two pictures that Brenda emailed me. Aren't they great?! I just love the pose in the first one...and I thought that Saige loved the camera! Meadow already knows how to work it. The second picture with her Popo is so sweet!

I'm An Aunt...Again!

Meadow Wimberly
was born around 12:20 this afternoon to Patrick (Charlton's brother) and Cheryl. She weighed 6 pounds and 13 ounces. Steven is better but still recovering from his virus that suddenly revealed itself yesterday morning and since we seem to pass stuff back and forth these days, I'm waiting a day or two before I see Cheryl and Meadow. Steven will probably have to wait longer to meet his new cousin. It's just a precaution that I decided to take but I'm so annoyed I can't see them. This is the only info I've been passed on- a middle name is in the works but not decided on yet- but I will post more when I have it.
Charlton went to visit on during his lunch break and got there right after Meadow was born. He reports that she is beautiful and looks a lot like Saige did when she was a newborn. Mom and Baby are doing well. I'll have pics as soon as I get to take some! =)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Lamest Halloween Ever!

That's right...Halloween was lame this year. I was so excited about hanging out at a friend's party and seeing all our kids dressed up together- and don't forget taking pics! I guess it wasn't meant to be since I came down with a stomach virus the night before.

As a side note...I really thought I was pregnant because the crushing nausea seemed a little too familiar. I have to admit that I was a little relieved that I wouldn't be feeling like that everyday for the next three months and I'm still holding out hope that pregnancy #2 will be better than #1. No I'm not pregnant...didn't I just say that...come on, people! What's the rush?!
Halloween really isn't that fun when you're sick at home- no dressing up or candy is the worst! I was dying on the couch while annoying children rang the door bell; I kept thinking," just look down, there IS candy out there!" I always make the mistake of thinking that everyone will obey the honor know, and only take a few pieces. My big basket of candy probably only lasted a few minutes.
I did manage to get off the couch long enough to get a few pics of Steven for the 5 minutes he was in his costume- I hate that I couldn't get more! Mimi bought Steven's costume before he was even born and had to wait to see it until this year since it was 12-24 mos. My photography skills were slim that night but I did have a virus. He was still the cutest pumpkin ever!
Post-Halloween has not been that great either. We've been battling sickness for a few weeks now. I had a sinus infection that was turning into strep two weeks ago (pre-Halloween). My antibiotic was just kicking it out when I got this stomach virus on the 30th. Then Steven had it for a few days. I thought we were home free was was ecstatic when Steven slept until 8 am this morning. Then, I went into get him and found out that he had vomited all over his crib. I can't believe it...I guess he has another virus?! It has been going around the neighborhood but once is enough, right?!

Fall Festival

Our neighborhood had a fall festival at our park on the Saturday before Halloween. It was pretty cool; they had a petting zoo, a train, pumpkin patch, and a fire truck that Steven took advantage of with a quick break for Mom and Dad to participate (tasting) in the chili cook-off. Steven loves animals, but since we've gotten pics of him recently at other petting zoos, the pumpkin pics are my favorite. Steven's official Halloween costume was too hot for him to sport that afternoon so I used a "fake-out" costume from his first birthday party...he's a cowboy in these just in case anyone was wondering.