Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Day

We spent a traditional Thanksgiving Day (and a lot of the week) with my family. Gama came over and Lindsay and Kyle were in town. Steven had a blast playing and loved all the attention. It was a relaxing but fun week. We had Charlton all to ourselves for 4.5 days- great, since he's very busy at work right now. It was great that my parents live so close; we got to see everyone so much more. I had to post a picture of Steven's first taste of pumpkin pie. It was a big hit!Steven's doing the baby sign for "full belly."
You can't tell in this picture, but Steven gave Gama a kiss good-bye. He just started doing that this week and it might be my favorite "trick" so far. =)Next up: This weekend we will be with the Wimberlys to celebrate Thanksgiving and two birthdays (Charlton's- Nov 30 and Popo's- Dec 10).

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures with your family. I know you had a wonderful time with them. Steven is loving it all.