Thursday, November 15, 2007

Meeting Meadow

Last night I finally got to see Meadow. I had to wait a whole week; first, I was making sure that we wouldn't pass Steven's virus on to them and then most of them got really sick as well. It was so a really bad way! You can read about their first week on Cheryl's blog. I don't know how she survived. Anyway, everyone is well now so we went over to meet Meadow for the first time.
This next picture is as close to getting a picture of Meadow and Steven together as we could get. He was not at all interested and I'm not sure that he even noticed that there is a new baby around. He looked in her direction maybe once and was not impressed; he was much more interested in Saige's toys. Maybe during the holidays we can get a picture of the three cousins together but I didn't want to push it last night. All I was concerned about was that I got to hold Meadow. Is that selfish? In my defense, Charlton got to hold her too!
Sweet Saige! She was so cute and kept pointing to Meadow and saying "baby."
Saige was going to put her baby in the bouncer and we thought it was so cute.
We were talking about how big Steven and Saige seem now that we have Meadow right next to them. Patrick picked Steven up and starting rocking him like a baby. They said Saige hates that. Steven just looked at him like "what are you doing," but he didn't move. I guess the beard is intimating.

Steven loves to push Saige around in things. He tried to push her while she was sitting in her Bumbo but of course that didn't work as well. We were a little nervous though because he pushes his dump truck at home around until he hits a wall. And there was a little too much of a gleam in his eye. Watch out, Saige!


Anonymous said...

Those are great pictures. I don't think my grandbabies or kids take bad ones!!! Imagine that. Meadow is like a little doll. Adorable. I love the picture of Steve pushing Saige. That will be a great one to show them someday.



Kimberly Davis said...

The pics are cute! Steven's shirt is hilarious...Trouble is my middle it. Good to hear everyone is healthy and well!

~the seven of us~ said...

Love all the pictures... Cute group of kids (and parents :o)

hilary said...

meadow is a cute little baby!

miss you guys!