Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Lamest Halloween Ever!

That's right...Halloween was lame this year. I was so excited about hanging out at a friend's party and seeing all our kids dressed up together- and don't forget taking pics! I guess it wasn't meant to be since I came down with a stomach virus the night before.

As a side note...I really thought I was pregnant because the crushing nausea seemed a little too familiar. I have to admit that I was a little relieved that I wouldn't be feeling like that everyday for the next three months and I'm still holding out hope that pregnancy #2 will be better than #1. No I'm not pregnant...didn't I just say that...come on, people! What's the rush?!
Halloween really isn't that fun when you're sick at home- no dressing up or candy is the worst! I was dying on the couch while annoying children rang the door bell; I kept thinking," just look down, there IS candy out there!" I always make the mistake of thinking that everyone will obey the honor know, and only take a few pieces. My big basket of candy probably only lasted a few minutes.
I did manage to get off the couch long enough to get a few pics of Steven for the 5 minutes he was in his costume- I hate that I couldn't get more! Mimi bought Steven's costume before he was even born and had to wait to see it until this year since it was 12-24 mos. My photography skills were slim that night but I did have a virus. He was still the cutest pumpkin ever!
Post-Halloween has not been that great either. We've been battling sickness for a few weeks now. I had a sinus infection that was turning into strep two weeks ago (pre-Halloween). My antibiotic was just kicking it out when I got this stomach virus on the 30th. Then Steven had it for a few days. I thought we were home free was was ecstatic when Steven slept until 8 am this morning. Then, I went into get him and found out that he had vomited all over his crib. I can't believe it...I guess he has another virus?! It has been going around the neighborhood but once is enough, right?!

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hmmmm.... no one wants to comment on this sad spectacle.