Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Here's the promised picture post (say that three times fast). Steven started eating crackers this week which I love because giving him a cracker instantly fixes any situation and holds his attention indefinitely. The last two weeks he's had a weird thing with his highchair- he would scream like he's in pain whenever I put him in it. I think he just wants me to hold him while I feed him (which I have resorted to a few desperate times) but I absolutely refuse to do anymore because I know it's a bad habit for us to get into.
It's that darn separation anxiety/mommy fascination that is he has right now. And it's not that he wasn't hungry because I would offer him a bit out of the highchair and he wanted it. So, last week I put him in the highchair and gave him a cracker before the wailing got too loud...problem solved. Now, he's fine with the highchair even without a cracker and just eats he's food like he use to. Interesting, huh? He does make a mess with it, though, which is pretty funny. My dustbuster is getting a lot of use.
Sometimes a piece even gets lost between his toes.


Sean, Stephanie and Hattie said...

Laura, Steven has the cutest facial expressions. I love his onesie. Where did you get that?!?! We are going through the whole, "Mama is the coolest person on earth. I want to spend every moment with her" too. Glad you found a creative way to get a little break!

Lindsay said...

Did you sprinkle sugar on the crackers? j/k. He is getting so big! I need to see him soon!

Jamie Rives said...

Love the pictures and love that onesie! Where did you find that?