Thursday, July 26, 2007

Our Weekend with Harry

I usually would have done this post already but I've had a few distractions this week. Steven woke up Monday with a very mild case of pink eye; thankfully, it was very minor so the drops had completely taken care of it by the next day. However, this morning he woke up with a runny nose so we'll see if that amounts to anything- my poor kid! I guess that's what happens when you party hard all weekend. =)

The Harry Potter festivities began on Friday afternoon. My in-laws had planned on watching Steven while we went to dinner and see HP movie 5. When Brenda came to pick the little guy up, she suggested he spend the night. I was a little hesitant (not sure if I was ready for that "big step") and then it hit me how perfect it would work out (i.e. allow for more reading tim eon Sat morning). So, Steven spent his first night away at Mimi and Popo's Friday night. I was feeling slightly (or extremely) emotional and freaked out as I watched my baby being driven off to his first sleepover. These emotions in no way are a comment on my in-laws, I know that he's in very wonderful, caring, and capable hands when he's with them, but I've started to get a little emotional thinking about his one year old birthday being just around the corner anyway. He's not a little baby anymore- harsh reality but true.

BUT THEN, I started getting really excited about our weekend with Harry. I picked Charlton up from work. We stayed downtown to eat out and then hit the Angelika theatre for Order of the Phoenix. It was so good...great acting, camera shots, and summary of a info-packed book. We love the movies but they just don't compare to the creative grandeur of the books. We went home, but first Charlton wanted to stop at Wal-Mart and see if he could finagle a copy out of some HP-ignorant clerk who didn't know they couldn't sell them before midnight. He had no luck- they were prepared. (Charlton conveniently left this out of his version of the weekend) He then woke up at 5:30 Sat morning and promptly drove back to Wal-Mart to secure two copies of Book 7. I woke up shortly after he got home and we started reading them around 6:30. We got a good 2 hours of reading in before Steven returned home. Steven did beautifully at Mimi's, and though I did think of him often, HP had enough of my attention that I didn't allow myself to worry if he was ok (I did check in after the movie Friday night and twice on Sat morn though). We pretty much read all day, taking breaks when Steven was awake and then immediately starting up again when he napped. Steven took long naps this weekend so that was a wonderful thing; although, it was good to have an excuse to take breaks since I can get a little too into it sometimes. That's all I will say about the book so that I don't give anything away. Book 7 is awesome and that's an understatement. I do have to set the record straight husband said in his post that I was at one point sobbing and that is definitely an exaggeration. I was terrified the whole time, emotional a few, and one time had a few tears slide down the side of my face. But I NEVER sobbed. I might would have but I was trying not to give too much away since we were reading in the same room. I'd love to email with anyone who wants to discuss the book but I promised I wouldn't stay anything that happens...right now. The pictures are of Steven playing with the HP balloons that Aunt Cheryl gave us to celebrate our fun weekend! And in response to Aunt Lindsay's comment, I did not pick that onesie to put on Steven because it matched the book, but the thought did cross my mind after I was already putting it on him, so there. Satisfied?!


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