Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tagged to be Random

I've been tagged by Jamie and Sarah to post eight random things about myself. I figured a random pic of Steven was a good start (bow tie preview of his tux for the wedding this weekend).

  1. I took a lot of piano lessons growing up, but I didn’t like practicing. I never understood the importance of it for becoming a better pianist; I just wanted to be better without it. Once I got older I regretted it but didn’t have access to a piano to pick it back up until now. My parents have generously given the piano I use to play on to us and we've had it in our dining room about a week. Now that I actually want to practice I have to figure out when I actually can with Steven running around. He likes playing it to. =)
  2. I like things to be organized and clean. It doesn’t mean that they ARE at our house but ideally that’s how I like it to be. I like to clean out closets, do laundry, and clean (except bathrooms). I like my pantry and cabinets to be organized (they aren’t right now and it’s been driving me crazy- hmmm, maybe I should stop blogging and go do it now). I like to know where every little thing is in my house- neurotic but soothing to me.
  3. I love dessert and especially chocolate- who doesn’t?! I even like the double-chocolate-fudge-brownie stuff but I do not like plain Hershey chocolate bars. I guess it’s because it seems like such a boring way to eat it when there are so many delicious options. Ironic since my price charming likes plain vanilla and I don’t find him in the least bit boring.
  4. While Charlton was in law school, I was a business manager for Bobbi Brown cosmetics who trained me to be a make-up artist. This usually surprises people because when you think of dept store make-up artists you imagine grotesque red lipstick and gobs of mascara, and though I wear a lot more than I used to, I still don't wear that much. Although the department store I worked for was atrocious to its employees, I really liked Bobbi Brown, her natural beauty philosophy, and products. Her foundation products are the best…I’ve never found a foundation light enough for me except in her line. I don’t miss working but I do miss the free make-up!
  5. I want to take some sewing/alterations classes so that I can learn to do our own tailoring and sewing. I can sew a little bit and do small repairs but I want to really know how to make clothes. I toy with the idea of one day starting my own business out of home doing alterations and making clothes and then eventually selling my designs in a boutique. If I had to start a new career that’s the kind of thing I would want to do- I just can’t imagine having to be in an office all day after enjoying being at home so much and I’d want to do something more creative.
  6. If I could have any talent that I don’t possess it would be to have an extraordinary singing voice. It would be fun to be able to belt out a song with the ease and power of Aretha Franklin and know that I sound great.
  7. Everyone knows I like to talk but I hate speaking in front of people. I really don’t even like to speak in large groups much less on stage. They’ve asked us a few times to read scripture at church and though we always say “yes;” I will never volunteer. Also, ironic that my dad loves to preach and teach and my husband went into litigation after law school because he wanted to be in the courtroom. Charlton is great in front of groups; he is very commanding and his profs in mock trials told him that he is excellent in the courtroom (although he’ll deny this if you bring it up).
  8. I have never broken or fractured any bones or had stitches for an injury. I hate needles and hospitals and don’t like going to the doctor although I do. I have a very weak stomach when it comes to blood and those things and as a result can’t watch a lot of doctor drama shows like ER.

I tag: Jennifer Moore, Kyle or Lindsay, Stephanie, Jennifer Lizenby, & Megan.


Jamie said...

Oooohhh...I bet you DO miss the free make-up. I have one of Bobbi Brown's books, and I love it!

Sarah Hazel said...

Thanks for playing. It's always fun to hear completely random things about friends.

Tricia said...

I'm with you on the cleaning (and the chocolate). Everything has it's place in our house too. My least favorite is dusting, though. I can handle the bathroom cleaning, but dusting is one I avoid when I can.

thelittlefields said...

I'm totally with you on #3. I love all chocolate desserts, but I dont really like milk chocolate, or plain chocolate. For me, its not really dessert unless it has chocolate.