Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Steven to the Rescue

Relief is finally in sight!  The three week period of illness is hopefully coming to an end and we are feeling much better.  I'll admit that I started the ball rolling because I've been sick that whole time- I just keep catching something else before I'm over the last thing.  Charlton was the most recent casualty last week and got Bronchitis mid-week that lasted the entire weekend.  Because I have been feeling less than healthy, I never posted these pictures of Steven playing with his big firetruck that Lindsay and Kyle gave him for Christmas.  He loves trucks and cars, and one that is big enough to ride on (not that he doesn't try with the smaller ones) is too awesome for 2 year old words so I'm posting it for him.  

The last several weeks have not been very fun for any of us and so when I felt close to 100% this morning, I decided that it was time for Steven to have a fun day with Mommy lest he forget how wonderful I am.  It was kind of gloomy outside so rather than promise him outdoor adventures and then get rained out, we went to an inflatable bouncy house.  We had a blast (sorry no pictures-- I was having too much of a good time for that) and it felt good to get out of the house for a little fun.

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~the eight of us~ said...

What a fun day. I know you are looking forward to a lengthy stretch of health for everyone!!

Trucks are cool!! And he is growing up so fast...