Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ka Chow

Check out Charlton's mad Play-Doh skills and if you haven't seen Cars yet, you're missing out!  It is Steven's favorite movie by far; he even says the lines in the movie now when we watch it which is cute and scary at the same time!  It makes me glad we restrict what he watches.


Jenn said...

Isn't the phrase "ka-chigga"? Just giving you a hard time. Awesome play-doh skills, Charlton! Maybe they are so good since y'all fingers aren't frozen like ours are (though the past 2 days have been nice). Hugs from MN!

~the eight of us~ said...

that is some talent!!

Sarah said...

I'm impressed!

Anonymous said...

After watching CARS with Steven this weekend, I have a new appreciation of your Lightning McQueen play dough car. Really good job! Loved that movie.