Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The party's over

I took this at Asher's birthday party a week ago-- I will leave the other party pictures I took to be posted by Jamie if she wants to.  I never thought Steven would leave that hat on long enough for me to get a picture but he loved it and wore it the whole time he was eating.  Although, he's usually pretty content when eating Chick-Fil-A nuggets and fruit.  The party was exactly between my sickness and Steven's; Asher even came down with something at his own party so this is just a depressing time of year.  Two weeks ago I had a bad cold accompanied by a cough that took (what seems like) forever to go away.  It was only documented on this blog by my absence since I figured you didn't really want to hear about that.  Steven, as you know, got sick this weekend and poor guy is still battling the mentioned bronchitis.  I don't know that we had the same thing but it does seem like quite a coincidence even though there was a fairly healthy week in between.  This is by far the worst thing he's had so far.  Usually he won't feel good for a day or two but nothing until now has kept him from playing and being close to his usual happy self.   Saturday, Charlton and I were beyond what to do as we all three laid on Steven's bed while he cried because his throat hurt and he couldn't nap.  He has been beyond crazy the last few days due at least in part to the steroid they put him on for two days.  So even though he is still not feeling good at least he is able to play some and rest.  He was feeling bad enough yesterday that he asked to go back to the doctor. I had already made an appointment and they gave us a something different so hopefully this medicine will clear all the mucous out- isn't that a lovely word.  That's what we're dealing with here around here.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry Steven is still feeling so bad. You can sure feel helpless when they don't feel well. Praying he is better very soon.


Jamie Rives said...

We need a little Spring. Right this very minute. Surely that will bring an end to this madness!

Adorable pic of the little man, by the way :)

~the eight of us~ said...

Poor guy ... he is getting a double whammy of this ... Praying for quick healing!!

Sean and Stephanie said...

Poor Steven! Hope he feels better soon!!!!

Hooked on Fishing said...

It will get better! Just hang in there. I dread being sick, but am fortunate to only get something about once a year... I'm sure that will change with children.... *smile* Hope your all feeling good soon!