Monday, February 16, 2009

Debuting Lala's Design

A friend from church offered to teach a few of us how to sew and we try to meet once a week.  We all have had some experience sewing but I'll admit that my sewing machine only came out of the closet a few times a year when I could no longer avoid doing a simple repair to our clothing.  For our first project, we all made little girl dresses and this is the one I made for Saige (my nieces call my "Lala" FYI).  Cheryl made one for Meadow and I'm sure that she will put up a picture of her dress any day now, right, Cheryl?!  I was afraid that it wouldn't fit her during the right season since it took me so long to finish it (I won't say how many months).  But it looks so cute- just in time for spring!  It's funny the looks and comments I get from some people when I tell them we get together to it's incredibly obscure.  It's a lost art I guess.  I'm now working on some curtains for Steven's room-- which has become a "race car" room because of the cute fabric I found to incorporate his obsession with them.  They should definitely not take me as long as the least I hope not.  


Jenn=) said...

I want to learn how to sew! Can you give me some tips I love being crafty Im just not good at it... That dress is PRECIOUS!!!

Jamie Rives said...

It turned out so cute! You did a great job!!

As soon as I make it back to HobLob to purchase more fabric to replace the pieces that I guess I threw away, I am totally finishing my jon-jon! Or else I'll have to add this to the list of things I started and did not finish. That list is long.

Hooked on Fishing said...

You did a good job! I've dug out Angela's sewing machine a couple of times and made a couple of functional items... they were dog beds, and didn't look good at all... but they were functional. *smile*

cheryl said...

LOVE IT! Saige loves the dress Lala made her and I am looking forward to her wearing it when the weather gets warmer.
Meadow's dress is almost finished... just some buttons and some final touches. :)

Anonymous said...

Laura the dress is beautiful and looks so cute on Saige. Great job!!!

~the eight of us~ said...

Oh Laura, you did an awesome job!! Can't wait to see the curtains. Much harder to find sewing projects for sons :o)

You are 'sew' right about homemaking skills becoming a thing of the past. We have made it our goal that all the girls have a good working knowledge of cooking, baking, sewing, canning, needlework, quilting, gardening, cleaning, and childcare. Some of the skills they like some they don't but it is important that they know how to do it.

Wish we were closer and could get together for some 'canning' sessions this summer :o)

Always Alice said...

I am a little late to comment......but wanted to say you did a wonderful job on the dress!!! Sewing is becoming a lost art and I am so glad to hear that your generation is having a go at it.
Notice Kristi said she wished you lived closer to work on canning....I wish you were closer I could share some of this fabric and patterns around my studio.
Keep up the good work!!