Saturday, February 14, 2009

Let's Go Fly a Kite

How many adoring family members does it take to help Steven fly a kite...6.  Lindsay and Kyle came into town and we celebrated my mom's birthday with her last weekend.  It was her idea to fly a kite on Saturday morning and it was a great one!  Steven had seen a kite at our neighborhood park last spring but we have never gotten around to getting one ourselves.  Mammaw got one and was ready when we had beautiful, windy, 70 degree weather last weekend.  Charlton and Kyle were responsible for the actual kite flying.  

And we ran into our buddy, Jackson, too.

Running in the wind

Cool sunglasses, can I try them on?


Anonymous said...

Those are the best pictures of the kite flying. Good idea Mammaw. It looks like Steve enjoyed it.


Jenn said...

T-shirts... no jacket... REALLY?! SO jealous!!!