Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Who doesn't love pizza??

Steven has had a few bites of our pizza before but technically he had his first piece of pizza last week.  And even though we haven't had one in a while, he definitely remembers it because on the 2 minute drive home from picking it up he was pointing to the box and very loudly asking, "please, please."  He was not content to have me cut up the pieces and put them on his tray; he, of course, wanted his own slice.  He did really well eating it too.  He sometimes has a hard time taking bites out of whole foods-- he'll take a huge bite and then can't chew it up so he spits everything out...and sometimes that's the end of the meal.  Very frustrating on my end but this night I didn't care if he ate it so I had nothing to lose.  =)  I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that he ate a whole piece but he had just had his dinner an hour before.  Steven doesn't realize that this display of a big appetite only proves to me that he eats well when it's food that's he likes/wants which is why he doesn't get to eat stuff like pizza very often and I'm not very sympathetic anymore at meals.  If he starts eating better maybe we'll renegotiate.  

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~the eight of us~ said...

Yummy !!! We like our pizza around here also ...

Won't be long until Steven and Billy will be polishing off a whole pizza between the two of them. Billy can easily eat 3 pieces and sometimes more... he would also only eat pizza if we let him :o)

It seems like boys do eat more then girls.... at least in our house.