Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mother's Day with Mammaw

With Mammaw at a local cafe.  He did not want to take pics that evening and I thought the straw would keep him still long enough for a picture; I was wrong.

Gama was feeling well enough to join us for dinner.  She fell several months ago and also came down with a pretty bad cold shortly after that kept her in bed for a long time.  She has been gradually getting better and has been doing physical therapy the last few weeks which has really helped her become more stable walking again.  She says it always helps her feel better to see Steven-- that probably doesn't surprise anyone!  =)

Helping Mammaw open her present

Giving Mammaw a kiss

Steven's best picture all weekend-- must because Uncle Kyle and Aunt Lindsay came to visit.

No day would be complete without pulling out all the Legos.


Lindsay Newcomer said...

We win! Just kidding. It was great to see y'all.

EvB said...

Laura, can I just note how beautiful your mother looks in all those pictures. I love her blouse and belt together! She is a stunning woman.

Kierstyn said...

What a great picture with Uncle Kyle and Aunt Lindsay! I think I will be seeing that at a scrapbook night soon. :-)