Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Because Mom does the shopping...

I love these one piece outfits.  It makes me want to snuggle with him all day because he just looks so cute and reminds me of when he was a "baby" and wore onesies all the time.  I don't really miss the onesies now that he's older because it's just too much to snap and he won't stand still long enough for me to get to them all.  Because I haven't been very good about blogging, I missed updates for 19 and 20 months, so here's a little update on Steven.  He is over 27 pounds now...we'll have to wait until the next doctor's appt to get actual measurements and weight...I'm hoping that his 2 yr old well visit will be the next time we're there but that's still a few months away.  His favorite book is Green Eggs and Ham, and if you ask him "Do You Like Green Eggs and Ham" like they do in the book he says a loud "yes!"  He loves it when Daddy reads it to him because Charlton is very animated. Steven is still very active and loves to climb; he has been taking it to a whole new level by climbing in a chair and hoisting himself up to grab and hang off the living room mantel.  He did the same thing in his room yesterday via glider to his bookshelf above so we might have to do some rearranging.  He is saying about 75 words now (I'll do a separate post when he hits 100- yes, I'm keeping a list), and is attempting to go for the two words sentences now.  He talks a lot and tells me a lot of stories- I'm just now starting to recognize single words in the middle of his "sentences."  We are happy to be in the middle of a language explosion, and incidentally, you know you're a true Texan when one of your child's first 75 words is B-B-Q.  He loves putting THE sauce on everything now which is very helpful in getting him to eat his veggies. 

Thankfully, he looks like he's inherited Charlton's ability to tan.  He already has a defined sock line and farmer's tan...and it's only May.  I've learned to love my fair skin but let's be honest that it's just not cool for a guy to be really pale, so I'm relieved that he inherited this like so many other things from his daddy.  Charlton and I recently got 
Steven to let us look in his mouth with a flashlight and we are really convinced that we saw one 2 year molar popping through on the bottom.  
It's hard to tell though since he doesn't let us look for long (and he was biting my index finger off).  He loves Frank, apple juice, cashews, crackers, Legos, animals and going outside.       

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~the eight of us~ said...

He is so handsome ... and I love the one piece outfits also. Although wondering if Billy is against them, for some reason everytime he wears one something happens to it and it has to be thrown away. Maybe sending me a message :o)