Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jackson's visit

Sorry that I've been MIA from the blog.  We have been very busy around here with many things.  One of them is that my good friend, Ashley, who lives across the street is 8 months pregnant with their second child and had to have her appendix removed 2 weeks ago.  She is at home now and doing well but the last three weeks I have been very concerned about her and her I've directed most of it toward Steven's little buddy and her 2 year old son, Jackson.  So to help mom and dad out, Jackson has spent some time with us lately and these are the pictures I got of Steven and Jackson together. 

Helping with the laundry

They thought that it was hilarious that they got to take a bath together!  And they want to do anything that that other one is doing- like sticking out tongues!  

Splashing away

Mom, can Jackson stay over every night?!

Jackson was so nice to wash his own hair.

My mom and I were talking about how most children have a tolerance level with other children and grow tired of them after a while.  Not these two...a day after Jackson had gone back home I pulled up in his driveway just to drop off his PJ's thatI forgot to put in his bag when he left.  I left the car running and just put it by the front door, but Steven went crazy when I got in the car and backed out...he was screaming "JACKSON...JACKSON."  He thought that we were going to play and was VERY upset that we were leaving without Jackson.


aerubli said...

Such sweet pictures! When I prayed for neighbors just like you I had no idea how much we would need you. God is so good! Thank you for taking such good care of my precious Jackson so Jason could stay at the hospital & care for me & Jackson's baby sister!! I hope we get the chance to return the favor...not that I hope you have to have emergency surgery...but we will definitely have to have Steven over for a sleepover :)

~the eight of us~ said...

They look like they are having so much fun.

Praying for Jackson, his mommy, daddy, and new sister... praying all is well, everyone is healthy, and his sister arrives quickly and as easy as possible...

Anonymous said...

Those are the greatest pictures. Lifetime buddies in the making. You are a wonderful mom and friend to take on two little action figures at once. They are just cute as they can be.