Sunday, December 30, 2007

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

We headed over to Charlton's parents' house Christmas Day after Steven's nap to be with Mimi, Popo, and his siblings. Mimi developed a good plan to open the kid's presents first so they could play until bed when we could then enjoy each other (and our presents) after they were each asleep in their own pack and plays. As a side note, maybe we should buy stock in Graco with the way things are going in our family. Last year we had two babies with a 1st Christmas and then added another this year...and everyone's just getting started.

The tricycles were a big hit! Steven and Saige look so grown-up and cute. It didn't take Steven long to figure out how to stand on the back and climb all over his. In fact, since Christmas he continually gets on and off of it all day. He hasn't quite figured out how to pedal (his feet fall a little short) but he likes to sit on it, have us pull him around in it, and put stuff in the "trunk."

Steven also got a guitar that looks just like Charlton's. He hasn't realized that he can actually play it by himself though. He generally picks it up and brings it to Charlton or I to play so that he can dance or occasionally strum it while we're holding it. During this week, I tried not to be offended when he brought it to me and then quickly took it away with a look of disgust. He keeps bringing it to me so I guess he's hoping I'll improve with practice even though I tried to explain that Daddy is the one who really knows how to play.

Johnny Cash himself

This is about the only way to get a picture of Steven and Saige together these days unless we want to subject them (and ourselves) to torture. His t-shirt was a present from Aunt Jenn and Uncle Evan and says, "I'm kind of a big deal." Very cute...however, it recently hit us that those kind of shirts can get us into trouble. A few months ago, I was looking for bibs that would go over head instead of velcro because Steven had decided that he didn't like to wear them anymore. The only ones they had at Babies R Us (appropriate for boys) were two that said "Chick Magnet" and "I'm the Boss." Even then I didn't like what the last one brought to mind but I decided since he really needed one it wasn't that big of a deal at his age. Steven is usually really good even in restaurants. However, one particular time he was teething and had a pretty big meltdown while of course wearing the "I'm the Boss" bib. We decided to only use that bib at home from then on. It's like when you see a kid with a t-shirt that says "I'm Spoiled" and they're throwing a huge fit in Target. Don't you think that that mom should discipline their child better? Jumping to conclusions maybe since everyone has those moments but the shirt seems true rather than ironic and cute.

Wow! I got so many presents this year I COULD wear a shirt that says, "I'm spoiled but I'm still sweet.",


~the seven of us~ said...

I hear ya about the 'sayings' on shirts and bibs ... some of them drive me crazy. We are real careful what we let the kids 'advertise'.

Really like looking at your reading list. It is fun to discover new books and I so enjoy reading!!

~the seven of us~ said...

Oh, I forgot ....

Steven has a guitar and Billy has drums. They can start a band :o)
Saige can be the singer.
Now all they need is a name ...