Thursday, December 27, 2007

Here Comes Santa Claus/Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve at my parent's house with them, Aunt Lindsay, Uncle Kyle, and Gama. It was just as nice being so close by for Christmas as it was for Thanksgiving. =)
Mammaw and Pappaw got Steven this car which he absolutely LOVED! We're going to keep this one at their house, and the times I've taken Steven over to their house since Christmas he already makes straight for it. He won't actually put his feet down when he gets in it so we'll have to work on him making himself go.

Charlton's helping him unwrap a present. Steven still wasn't that into the wrapping paper and packages until they were all opened and crumbled, so we ended up opening most of his presents for him.

Aunt Lindsay made my mom a scrapbook of Steven's first year for Christmas and she was thrilled to finally get to see it.

Steven really loves "using" the Swifter around our house and thinks the broom is really funny when I use it. So, I told my mom that Steven would probably like one his own size. Interestingly enough, "Dirt Devil" could probably describe Steven on certain days as well.

Opening his stocking with Mammaw.

I had to change Steven three times that day. He got his red polo shirt really messy during lunch (that was probably my fault since I forgot to pack a bib) but I had grabbed an extra t-shirt just in case. Then after his nap, his sippy cup lid came off while he was drinking his water and soaked his t-shirt and jeans. Mammaw came to the rescue with an old hospital t-shirt that was Aunt Lindsay's (there's a really cute picture of them together that I'll post when I get it) and it fit him perfectly while his clothes were in the dryer. Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Kyle also attended the Christmas Eve service with us at our new church that evening.

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