Friday, December 28, 2007

Birthday of a King/Christmas Morning with Elmo

I kind of feel like Scrooge when people ask me what we got Steven for Christmas. We technically didn't get Steven any Christmas presents. Our reasoning is that we buy plenty of stuff for him all year around when he "needs" it and this is probably the last year we can get away with no presents on Christmas. We had bought Steven a few new sweaters a few weeks before, two small toys to keep him busy on our road trip in early Dec, and a sand/water table in the fall. See, he just got his presents I'm just justifying myself to prove that I'm a good mom...I don't need to, so why do I do that...moving on... Also, all the presents that he receives from his grandparents and aunts and uncles put this kid on a whole new level of being spoiled (we just hope he never acts like it).
Anyway, we did get Steven two little things for his Elmo and a cell phone to replace the one he got last year that broke. I never understood the whole Elmo craze. I personally always thought he was kind of annoying, but now that I have Steven, I can appreciate his odd, dare I say cute, laugh. We don't let Steven watch a lot of TV. We aren't some of those parents who won't let their children watch any, but we would rather him entertain himself by doing something else or playing outside. I turned on Sesame Street the last time I was sick (I was desperate to be able to rest), and Steven totally loved the "Elmo's World" segment which has it's own theme song. So, now we'll catch it a couple times a week and he is totally mesmerized by it. We were in Target about a month ago (he had only seen the show a few times at that point) and he started pointing and wanting the Elmo dolls that were on the shelf. One played the theme song and he started dancing in the shopping cart. This boy loves to dance...but still I was really surprised that he made the connection and recognized Elmo. Elmo's probably a conspiracy because you can see how much he loves it in these pictures- he even wanted him in the highchair while he ate his breakfast. And this Elmo doesn't even play any music.

We had a relaxing Christmas morning. I love that Steven was wearing Christmas pjs- so cute for pictures- so maybe we'll have to make that an annual thing. Charlton's cousin, Kristi, does that for her kids and I think it's a great idea. We opened stockings, had breakfast and tried to have a time of family worship. We did succeed in reading the Christmas story so maybe we can incorporate the Christmas carols we intended to get to next year. Family traditions are a work-in-progress, right? After Steven's nap we headed over to Charlton's parent's house for our Christmas with them.


Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad about no buying him any presents. I think this is the first Christmas that my friend Misty and her husband (the twins are 2) actually bought there kids presents. Between grandparents, aunts/uncles and friends like me, they usually receive an overwhelming amount of stuff! You have plenty of years to buy gifts!


~the seven of us~ said...

We didn't get Billy much either, his Christmas Pjs, 2 toys and the Roy Rogers DVDs for when he is older. If we didn't have the pictures, I would have no idea what we gave Nikki and Shelbi the first few years and neither do they. There are so many other things to spend time and money on at this point. (And those are the things we remember :o)

Lisa Huntington said...

All of Courtney's family has a tradition of getting new Christmas pj's every year and then letting the kids sleep in their sleeping bags underneath the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. It is really cute to see their excitement. Since they don't do any sort of Santa Claus stuff - this makes for a neat tradition and a way to make Christmas Eve really special.