Thursday, December 13, 2007

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

This is our beautiful Christmas tree. I just love Christmas trees and white lights are my favorite. We weren't sure where to put the tree since Steven is much more mobile and active than he was last year (check out the picture below for a comparison).
We were afraid to put it in the living room like it was last year for fear that he would destroy it in a matter of minutes. I have to give him credit, though, he has been pretty good with it. We did end up putting it out it the open of the living room to see if he could handle it; he did well around our friends and family's trees so I thought it might be ok. He really likes the lights and, as you can see, he does try to pull the lights and ornaments off every once it a while, but stops when I tell him to(most of the time). We only put a few non-breakable ornaments within his reach and he likes to take them off and play with them. And then he trys to put them back on the tree which is really cute.

We're also showing some Aggie spirit with Steven's outfit which is perfectly on topic since Charlton and I are traveling to see my sister graduate from A&M this weekend. We're making it a short get-away trip to enjoy to festivities since Steven will be staying with Mimi and Popo.
Congrats to Aunt Lindsay for being a college grad and for all of her achievements! We are so proud of you and are EXCITED about this weekend.


Lindsay Newcomer said...

Yay for me! Just kidding. Steven looks so cute in his little jogging suit. He looks like a little munchkin.

cw said...

I can't believe how much older he looks! Next year he'll probably be sitting in front of the tree with Corona and a pack of Marlboro Lights . . . .