Sunday, February 11, 2007

Steven's Exersaucer

Here are some action shots of Steven in his exersaucer. He loves it!
Thanks to Michelle, who works with Charlton, for giving it to us! We had tried putting him in it a couple of times before he turned four months but he couldn't hold himself up very well and would end up with his face in the toys. About two or three weeks ago, we tried again and he started squealing with excitement. Charlton and I love it too, because he can stand, play, chew, and listen to circus songs all by himself! It came in very handy this last week while we were sick. His favorite toy is the red and white striped circus tent you see in most of the pictures. It lights up and spins while it plays music (like "Pop Goes The Weasel and Do Your Ears Hang Low") and has a rubber flag on top he likes to chew on.


julie perry said...

exersaucers are so cool. i'm guilty of putting annie in it, letting jackson watch cartoons and i lay on the couch and fall asleep. then when i wake up i check blogs...haha.

jeniliz said...

We have one also and while Lunden lived in his for several months Bryce would have nothing to do with. That made me really sad. They are great for feedings too. Lunden was more comfortable in the saucer than in his highchair so that’s where we fed him for at least a month of two.

~the seven of us~ said...

Hope y'all are feeling better. Some kind of cold virus went through our house and only Kenna was spared. I had a mild case of whatever it was. It will definitely be good to have everyone back to normal.

Steven looks like he is having so much fun. They are all growing so fast.