Wednesday, December 03, 2008

School Days- Update

Sorry to disappear for a few weeks- I am overloaded with my to do lists this season.  We had a good Thanksgiving with both of our families this year.  We went to Charlton's parents' that Day for dinner with all the siblings, and then spent Friday with my parents.  We missed Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Kyle who were with Kyle's family on the other side of Texas but we survived knowing that Insey and Kycle are coming in to stay with us this weekend.

Steven had a Thanksgiving feast at school last Monday, and I went to join the festivities.  Their feast was actually chicken nuggets and fruit which Steven ate really well- we were all happy!  He would not leave his Indian hat he made long enough for me to take a picture,

but I did take a picture of this picture on the classroom wall with the Dalmatian ears from fire truck day.  Steven is loving school now!  It probably took him about three weeks to adjust to being dropped off at school; it was hard but worth it.  We gradually were able to talk about all the fun stuff he does there and his new friends and teachers.  Now he gets excited and talks about it to his grandparents and my friends- his favorite activities are craft and music time.  I have to be sure to get my kiss because he just walks right into his classroom.  He also doesn't need Frank to walk in  anymore which I am very happy about so I just put him with his sleep mat.  He is eating pretty well now at their lunchtime but naps at school are pretty hard to come by which I guess is understandable.  I don't know if I could sleep on a floormat surrounded by 6 other two-year-olds either.    


Hooked on Fishing said...

When I first started school, my mom made me a pillow to use for nap time. I got to pick out the material and for a while had my name on it... the name has long since fallen off, but I still have the pillow.

I don't know why I thought anyone would want to know that... *smile*

Lindsay Newcomer said...

Yea! We can't wait to see y'all! At first I thought you had misspelled my name (you KNOW how I feel about that!), but then I saw Kyle's name, and I thought, "oooohhhh!" =)

~the eight of us~ said...

How fun and I agree it would be difficult to nap with six 2 year olds around entertaining ya. I know I have trouble with just one :o)