Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oh Little Child of Bethlehem

We have not left the house much this week but I have still had plenty to keep me busy.  Steven came down with a cold last weekend so we have been quarantined to the house all week to prevent him from getting more sick and passing it on to anyone else.  I feel sure that a cold is not on many wish lists this season.  
Poor kid has had a really bad cough that wakes him (and us) up in the middle of the night and naps, so there were a couple of rough nights at the beginning of the week but he is improving leaps and bounds everyday.  He's been sleeping through the night again for the last few nights and last night I got eight hours again- oh, how glorious!  His cough is almost gone so I think he'll be fine by Saturday which is when we are having Christmas with Charlton's family- that has been my only goal this week to get him as healthy as possible by then.  
It was with this goal in mind, I kept him home from school both days this week and I was really bummed about it because this week he would have had his first Christmas program.  His class was only singing one song, but I was still looking forward to getting every second on the video camera.   He loves to sing right now so I know he would have sung his little heart out and it would have been so cute!  (Sigh) I know that there will probably be many more Christmas programs in our future so I'm trying to move past it.  =)
We are very blessed with a happy little boy.  Even being sick this week, he has been happy and content to play in the house every day; although, he was down right giddy when we made a grocery run to Wal-Mart yesterday.  All this inside fun with me will just make all our Christmas gatherings even that much more fun for him!  He has so much enthusiasm for all things Christmas- it's fun to experience it with child-like excitement again.


Anonymous said...

What a precious face that boy has! Steven you are just too cute!! I am so glad you are feeling much better.


Hooked on Fishing said...

Glad to hear he's feeling better!

~the eight of us~ said...

He is so cute!!!

We brought the same thing home :o) I think I just let them stay out in the wind too long. Both Billy and Bristyn came home and started coughing and their noses were runny. We are good to go now but I should have known better, they both recovered from something similar the week before. Cold we can handle but not wind!!

Y'all have super fun this weekend...

Following Him said...

What a cutiepie :)

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