Monday, December 29, 2008

Nativity Advent Calendar

Since I posted about our advent calendar, I have had several requests for the website we found it on-- Cherry Lane Keepsakes.  They were out-of-stock last time I checked, but maybe you can get a post-Christmas deal on it which is how I always buy holiday decorations with this one exception.   It's wood and metal so we felt it was worth it to have it last through years of use with young children.  

Since Charlton is an attorney we have gotten into the habit of making disclaimers for anything we recommend.  And since I'm posting it on my blog, the potential for a bad outcome is higher.  This is the only thing we have ever bought on this website and do not know a whole lot about it.  We were happy with the service on the order of this one item and were more than satisfied with the product that we received.  So there you go.    


Jamie Rives said...

Laura--nice are nothing if not forthcoming ;) You know I love your detailed self!

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