Sunday, January 04, 2009

Christmas Morning

Every year since Steven's been born we have set aside Christmas morning for the three of us.  This year we started a few new traditions- I made smoothies (Steven's favorite) to tide us over while we opened presents and stockings and played.  Once Steven got his, he wouldn't put it down.  Then we had a hard time pulling him away from his cars for breakfast- a quiche.  Don't know if I've ever heard of a Christmas quiche, but why not?!  That's what we wanted, so I made it the day before.
His stocking was filled with stickers, fruit snacks, and Cars (Lightening McQueen, Mater, and Doc Hudson to be exact-- to go with a present further down).  I get stickers at the dollar store and scored big when I found Cars (the movie in case you missed that) stamps.  Steven loves getting stamps on his hand at school.  He shows and tells everyone we see about them.  You just can't beat the dollar store, can you?!  If you haven't seen Cars, you really should.  Steven highly recommends it!
Last year we just filled Steven's stocking since we knew he'd get plenty of presents at grandparents' house and wouldn't know the difference.  This year he definitely understood and loved presents, but thankfully, was more interested in playing with what was in them than in opening his others.  He only had a few to open so we took our time.  His presents basically consisted of cars, trucks, and lots of books that I got at Half- Price Books.  I also made him a notebook for his stickers.
Kristi, does this look familiar?  Steven saw his cousin Billy open this Mac car transporter at Ma and Pa's and thought it was the most awesome thing he had ever seen.  =)  I was planning on getting him some kind of car/truck from Cars and this had both so it was perfect!  He has already played with it for hours upon hours.


~the eight of us~ said...

Smoothies are a good idea. We love them and are always freezing fresh fruit to make them. Next summer I would love to go to the farmers market and buy a flat of strawberries when they are in season and flash freeze them.

Yes, I do recognize that transporter :o) Our is still being used frequently also. Next year we can coordinate better and get them something they both love and play along side each other!! I have discovered in the past it is always easier to have them open a present at the beginning of the exchange with something they love and will keep them busy and entertained.

When does school start back? We are planning on getting back to our normal routine this week. Tomorrow is the goal, we will see :o)

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