Sunday, January 04, 2009

Christmas Day at Mammaw's

After a few hours at home we headed over to my mom and dad's house (all the way down the street) and had tons of fun with them, Lindsay, and Kyle all day.  Steven and I made my mom this plate with his handprints on them.  [We made one for Mimi too but I forgot to get a picture of it- remind me to next time we're over, Brenda.]  I took him one morning to Mudpie Company, a paint your own pottery place, and an employee helped us do the handprints.  Then I went back that night with girlfriends from the neighborhood and did the rest.  It was so much fun!

Steven yelled "BIG present" while he was opening this one from Lindsay and Kyle-- next picture...

The "big" one was a Tonka fire truck- pretty cool!

Kyle (and Lindsay) picks out great presents but the reason Steven loves him is because he reads and plays with him.   Though, Steven says you can still keep the presents coming, "Kycle" and "Insey."  =)

Mammaw and Pappaw got Steven a t-ball set (among many other things), 

and a picnic table for the back yard.  


~the eight of us~ said...

The plate for your mom was a great idea. Steven seems to be having a great time, especially with the firetruck.

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