Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Best

It was in the 30's when we woke up this morning and even though it was warmer when we left for church, Steven got to wear his first blazer.  This is of course not including the time he wore a tux for Aunt Jenn's wedding over a year ago- a tux is a tux.  Mimi bought him this very cool dress shirt and blazer- it's even more adorable in person.  We took pictures in front of the bookcases in Charlton's study because we thought it'd be funny.  Notice that the lower shelf in the first picture is Charlton's law books (how appropriate) but then we balanced it out with our collection of Harry Potter on the shelf above.   
Charlton was trying to get him to pose with one fist under his chin

Tired of taking pictures by now but still cute.


Jamie Rives said...

Oh my goodness! He looks so handsome! (I refrained from saying adorable for Charlton's sake.) Great poses :)

~the eight of us~ said...

great blazer and i really like his 'thinking' pose :o)

EvB said...

This just furthers my opinion that a blazer looks good on any male and should be worn with abandon. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Steven, you are a handsome one. I love that outfit on you. You look so much like your daddy when he was 2 years old it is amazing.


Hooked on Fishing said...

Great pictures!

~the eight of us~ said...

Just checking in to see how everyone is feeling???