Saturday, November 01, 2008

Another hair-crazed Halloween

Steven was Thing 1 (a character from The Cat in the Hat in case you're not up on your Dr. Seuss) this year for Halloween.  We thought it would a fun one to do since their one of Steven's favorite characters right now and oddly enough there weren't lots of Thing 1 & 2 costumes being donned this year.  =)  We also like doing costumes that involve playing up one of Steven's best asset- his hair.  
You might remember that he was a rock star with a Mohawk 2 years ago for his first Halloween (2 months old)...last year was pretty lame and he didn't dress up for long since I caught a stomach bug.  I told Cheryl it must be the (family) Halloween curse because Meadow caught the same thing this year and they were quarantined like we were last year.  

Here Steven is providing the background music for his grandparents and friends.

When Steven saw his friend, Will the firefighter, he ran to get his firetruck, and then handed it to him like,"here, this should be yours."  Within two seconds he decided he had been too hasty and really wanted to keep the firetruck for himself.  I was glad to see though that all the books we've been reading (and the visit the fire dept paid to his school) have helped him connect jobs with people and what certain trucks are for.  he is just generally crazy about trucks and trains.  

Greeting Asher who dressed as an adorable monkey.  You can also see his baby "bee" brother in the background.  

I decided to "dress up" two hours before our small gathering and threw together what I had in my closet.  I ended up with a western style shirt (from Steven's cowboy birthday party at 1 yr) and fake costume jewelry from my Breakfast at Tiffany's look= a Texan oil man's trophy wife of course.  My lipstick was gone by this time and collar wouldn't stay up but it's the effort that counts.

Steven smiled for both his pictures with the grandparents- that's got to be a record.

Our buddy, Luke the fighter pilot

Handing out candy at the front door.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures!! I loved Steven's hair. He looked so adorable. Fun party.


cheryl said...

I am so bummed that we missed!! Steven looks awesome - you are so good at that stuff, Laura!

Hooked on Fishing said...

Angela and I didn't dress up this year... we normally do, but just no motivation this year... Rodney on the other hand went all out... I posted a picture on my blog.

Steven looks great... I don't think I've ever seen a Thing 1 at Halloween...

Kimberly Davis said...

We had fun at your party. Madison especially liked all of your fun toys. Thanks for hosting!

Sean and Stephanie said...

Awesome. Such a perfect costume for his crazy hair! :)

~the eight of us~ said...

what fun and you did a really good job on the costume. how creative!!

Sara Demoiny said...

I love the costume! Is Dr. Seuss one of Steven's favorites?