Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Our Hero

Monday was Charlton’s first day at his new job.  He has been on vacation for the two weeks before that and it was wonderful!  We didn’t go anywhere but did plenty around Houston.  It might sound kind of boring but we really were just in need of some time together at home. 

After three years of working at a law firm, Charlton has made the move in-house at a large energy company.  He enjoyed the work and people at his firm but (thankfully) felt that the hours were too demanding to be able to have a good quality of life for our family.  For that reason he started looking at in-house positions because he felt that the work and environment would still be interesting and challenging but definitely more “family-friendly.”  His new group has been very welcoming and invited us to their Memorial Day BBQ that was days after his acceptance.  It is especially nice that I was included and they are eager to get to know our whole family (no, we were not brave enough to take Steven along but they were disappointed which was kind).  

I am so overwhelmed at God’s goodness in providing Charlton (and us) with this new opportunity and phase of life.  We have been praying for some time that the timing and opportunity would be in His timing and it couldn’t have worked out more perfectly.  Charlton's hours will be shorter and much more consistent, plus he gets every other Friday off!  When we found that out I told him it sounded like a fantasy world that was too good to be true!  I’m so thankful for a husband that puts our family before everything else on this earth—even his career.   For me to say that I am lucky would be a gross understatement—I am blessed beyond measure by such a husband!


Anonymous said...

Love that "daddy/son" picture. It is priceless. Laura I am so excited for you, Charlton and Steven to have more time together. You will never regret this decision.


Hooked on Fishing said...

Sounds like things are working out for you guys... with more time off maybe Charlton can get enough time off to come fishing with me sometime soon. But of course you'll have to bring Steven. Has he ever been fishing?