Friday, July 11, 2008

O Dreaded Day!

Well, it happened...two days ago the unthinkable happened...maybe not unthinkable since it was fairly inevitable...but the thing that certainly I, and probably most mothers dread happened.  Steven realized that he could climb out of his crib.  I heard him wake up from his nap and cry for a few minutes.  I was hoping that he would go back to sleep and he did get quiet after a few minutes but then after a little time cry out again.  I was in the process of finishing what I was doing when I heard him right by his bedroom door and then I heard it open.  For a few seconds, I went into panic mode:

NOOOOO!!  Oh, wonderful, Nap time, please don't go away!  You are my only guaranteed time to get stuff done!  I do so love your peace and quiet.  And you are the only time I can have the dishwasher open, mop the floor, be on the computer, read a book.....  I could always count on you when I'm having a rough day to reboot.  And now you're gone!  Please don't go away.

Ok, so maybe that's a little dramatic since Steven will most definitely still be taking naps.  However, I was very nervous about the fact that he can escape his place of rest and how exhausting it might be to keep making him go back to bed.  I am happy to report that we have been very impressed with the way Steven has adjusted to his big boy crib.  He loves it!  He was a little confused at first when we came home and Charlton had taken off the front side of his crib.  Although, he decided pretty quickly that he thought it was great that he is no longer confined-- no surprise at his excitement there.  The first time he tried it out was nap time and he did get out twice initially to come find us.  However, after being told that he needed to stay in his crib and we put him back in bed, he has never gotten out again.  Yes, I am as shocked as you are!!  We are not claiming victory yet as it has only been two days, but it's nice to have some wins under our belt to remind us when he doesn't do as well what he is able to do.  FYI, I would recommend making the transition when Dad is home for support.  The two times Steven got up, Charlton was the one who firmly told him to stay in bed.  I have been pressing my face against the carpet fairly regularly the last two days to check if any little feet are running around playing behind closed doors when they should be sleeping.  =)  Thankfully, I haven't seen any.  

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Anonymous said...

Laura your post is hysterical! I love reading it and love that Steven is doing so well in his new bed. But it does bring back a lot of memories of me finding his daddy sleeping in odd places when he was able to get out of his crib. It must run in the family.