Friday, July 04, 2008

3 Cousins

Charlton went fishing with Uncle Patrick yesterday, so Steven hung out with us girls.  Cheryl came over with Saige and Meadow to play while the Dads were away.  Steven and Saige are so cute together at this age.  They can play together now and have many things in common...such as their new interest in coloring.  It's so good for Steven to play with her and learn to play differently with her than boys and be more gentle.  Saige gets excited to play with him now too and tries to hold his hand and lead him to their next activity.  He's not always into that but we think it's too cute!

Watch out, kids, there's a new crawler in town!  Meadow will be 8 months next week and is very happy to be on the move.  Cheryl and I get a kick out of comparing her to Steven-- we think she's going to be busy like her older cousin and the fact that she started crawling at the same age Steven did (to the week now that I looked it up) reinforces that theory.  She's growing so fast!

Steven loves Meadow but is still working on saying her name.  He usually settles for "Baby," but he doesn't skimp on the hugs and kisses.  Meadow gets lots of love from Steven.  He does pretty well being gentle but every once in a while with get on top of her for a smothering hug- she takes it in stride though.  Yesterday was really the first time I've seen him try to play with her; he is showing her how to stack the cups. Steven and Saige also share a love for Elmo and were happy to share a seat in "Elmo Chair."  We are so blessed to live around so much of our family.  The girls are more like sisters to Steven than cousins, and we're adding another baby to the bunch.  Charlton's sister, Jenn, is due the beginning of February and we are excited to add one more to the family next year.  Although Steven loves the girls, he wants to put in a request that Aunt Jenn have a boy because he's starting to feel a little out numbered!  Hi to Mimi, Popo, Aunt Jenn, and Uncle Evan who are on vacation!

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cheryl said...

This was such a great post!! Those pictures were all so cute - great job Laura. I am so thankful that you are always ready with the camera. Thanks for posting this - I am so glad we live so close to each other. :)