Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Photoshoot

Mimi bought Easter outfits for the cousins so we wanted to get (or at least hoped to) get a picture of all three of them together. It took all four of us parents to get these priceless poses. We took them in a pretty outside area that happened to be positioned so that Starbucks drive- through patrons had first row seats to our circus. I'm sure that it was pretty entertaining. Even still, Uncle Patrick got some great shots!Steven (18.5 months), Meadow (4.5 months), and Saige (20 months) We were singing "Itzsy Bitsy Spider" to get Steven to sit still; he's singing along and Saige is sitting pretty.Giving kissesI think this picture is so funny...I imagine Saige is saying, "Tell me all your problems, Sissy," and Meadow is thinking, "hmm, let me think...I hate being forced to take pictures."


Anonymous said...

These are the cutest grandbabies!!
Love the pictures.


~the eight of us~ said...

I agree.... those are some of the cutest 2nd cousins I have :o)

the picture of Steven and Saige together giving kisses is one of my favorites, it looks like they are sharing secrets.

Jamie said...

Love the sweet pictures! Steven is definitely working it in his sweater vest!

Jamie said...

Hey Laura--just found this site and thought of Steven...it's all about how to have an "Elmo Chic" b-day party. If you gotta do Elmo, at least be cool about it, right/


The blog is called Hostess with the Mostess and I love it!

Lindsay Newcomer said...

So cute! I can't believe how different Saige looks from when I saw her at Christmas!