Sunday, March 09, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

I've been avoiding my blog lately because I didn't want to fool with uploading my pics to the mac- for fear of deleting them and that I wouldn't be able to figure it out and waste my time. Hey, I'm a busy girl! But since it seems that I'll never get my computer back and Charlton got me an attachment for my memory card, I decided to embark on the adventure. Plus, I really want to learn all the cool stuff you can do with pics and video on a mac-- and I know it's gonna take some time so I guess I'll start now. I took these of Steven last week. He is wearing a t-shirt that use to be Charlton's- check out the back; Popo went to Texas Tech so that explains the front. I guess you could say that Steven's into vintage right now. Doesn't he look cute?

These books were a birthday gift from a friend (thanks, Kathryn) and they are his favorite thing to play with right now. They came in a box and every book has words and pictures to go with each letter of the alphabet- so there are 26 books. We love them! He takes them out one by one, then puts them back in, then back out get the picture. I find them everywhere- under and in his crib, in his laundry basket, in the toy box, behind chairs...and I'll find him in his room looking through them pointing at the pictures. They are so great now that he's really starting to talk- I use them kind of like flash cards while we look at the pictures. One of them he was roaring at the other day which made me curious since it was "U"- I can't think of anything that starts with U that would roar- but sure enough there was a picture of a lion playing a ukulele. Smart kid! Like Father like son...


~the eight of us~ said...

... good to see you guys back up and running again... Kevin loves his Mac and I don't think he would have anything else. You may eventually feel the same and not even miss your old computer :o)

Looks like Steven has recently had a haircut and he looks very handsome.

Brenda said...

I was missing your blog pictures! Love the shirt Steven!!


Patti said...

Hudson has these books too and is a BIG fan. Sometimes he gets so quiet I'll be sure he's into something he ought not be, but he'll just be sitting there sorting his little books.