Friday, February 15, 2008

Introducing Frank!!!

I'm having a little bit of blog withdrawal and have been thinking about how I'm going to be behind in posting pictures (I know everyone is just dying to know what we've been up to).  =)  My computer is still in the "shop" for a little while but we broke down and joined the mac family this week-- Charlton has been wanting one for years!  We are still figuring out how to use it and I still can't get to my pictures yet but then I remembered that before my other computer crashed I had uploaded some pics for my next post.  Yea!  So this post tells the story of FRANK:Frank is Steven's very special stuffed animal and as you can see is an elephant.  When Steven was several months old, I read an article about comfort objects.  They suggested offering a stuffed animal or blanket to help soothe your baby when he is trying to go to sleep on his own.  So, over the course of a month at different times I gave him all of his stuffed animals and every blanket we had been given.  He liked to play with them but never showed much attachment.  A few months later, Steven followed me into my closet and saw Frank sitting on the top shelf.  (Our college has a tradition called "elephant walk"- that's a whole other story- and he was a gift that I kept over the years)  Well, it was love at first sight for Steven, and Frank's been a member of our family ever since.  He mostly stays at home; although, if Steven's teething or not feeling well we sometimes take him on errands.  I made the mistake of leaving Frank at a friend's house one time and we had to go back and get him because Steven wouldn't take a nap without him.

I named him "Frank" as a joke because Charlton named all Steven's other stuffed animals really creative names (some from Harry Potter and other favorite things that Steven has no idea what they are) and I thought that he should have a really easy, simple name to Frank! 

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~the eight of us~ said...

welcome back, although I am sure you are more then anxious for your own computer to return home :o)

the pictures of Steven and Frank are very cute. the last picture is my favorite. the best part is how he picked it out and the name is great.

none of our kids ever became attached to a toy or blanket. Billy does have his bedtime blanket. it is the one my mom made for him. he likes it when he goes to bed but he can take it or leave it...