Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm A Cowboy, Baby!

Ok, sorry, but ever since we decided that we were going to do a cowboy theme for Steven's birthday that Kid Rock song has been playing in my head. It's totally inappropriate for a kid's birthday party and he really gives me the creeps, but I guess it's because the words "baby" and "cowboy" are both in the chorus. I'm a moving on....
These pictures were my favorites and runners-up to making the invitation. In other Steven news:
  • His naps are going very well and he is still taking two naps (one morn and one afternoon); we have just pushed them a little later.
  • We have successfully made the switch from formula to whole milk. There were a few rough times but it wasn't too bad. He actually drinks the milk better than he did the formula; however, we've learned the hard way that he only wants it warm and in his bottle. With the party coming up, I decided that we'll keep the bottle for now and try again to switch over to all sippy cup at a later time. He was VERY upset that someone put formula/milk in his sippy cup...because EVERYONE knows sippy cups are only for water.

  • He is getting two more teeth in- numbers 6 and 7. He hasn't had two teeth come in at the same time since his first two at 6 months. And they're coming in the week of the party...lucky us!
  • Steven got a haircut Saturday. We think it looks cute long but when it starts getting in his eyes, it starts to really bother him. This was his fourth haircut!

  • Three days until Steven's turns one year old...but only two days until his party!


~the seven of us~ said...

1 year already!!?? That was fast ... way to fast.

Still no haircut here :o)

Boys can sure be picky about their milk. Billy still nurses 3 times a day (getting up, middle of the afternoon, and bedtime). The rest of the time he takes whole milk in a sippy cup. Plan is to cut out the afternoon feeding in a few more days and then eventually the other ones. But .... he is on a whole milk strike !!! Yesterday he started giving his cup back to us and saying 'juice'.

The phases they go through !!! :o)

Have fun at the party and take lots of pictures !!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Kid Rock!!!!!!!!! I think he's a jeanious!!!!!!!!!!

Patti said...

Hi Laura! I'm so excited to have an identity so I can finally leave comments. Happy birthday, little cowboy! Harper was offended by milk in the sippy cup too. She used a bottle (in the morning and at night) for a long, long time. I figured getting the milk was more important than adhering to guidelines dictated by a bunch of pediatricians. I'm a bit of a maverick! Is it okay to link to yours and Charlton's blogs on mine? I'll have to get Jodey to help, of course. Thanks for the encouragement--I think blogging will definitely help me feel more competent.