Friday, August 03, 2007

Everything's Changed at 11 Months

I know I keep saying this but I can't believe how old Steven has gotten. Man, time flies! The first six months of his life seem to creep by and now I can't believe that less than a year ago he was so little he couldn't even lift his own head. I find this crazy speed of development just one example of God's amazing creation. It is clear that Steven is learning and developing everyday which makes him a very busy little guy. He now has 4 teeth that you can see in this first picture- it has totally changed his look and I can't help but smile back when I see that big toothy grin. He's around 22 pounds and words I would use to describe Steven are active, fun, vibrant, determined; he's my man-on-a mission and we have a lot of fun together. I took these following pictures yesterday morning. He's in my favorite pjs and up to his usual activities. His favorite thing to do for the past month has been to push all the chairs out from under the table (breakfast and dining).

Several weeks ago he started to really lay down and peer under furniture as opposed to repeatedly head-butt it before giving up. This week he's discovered if he lays flat enough he can actually get under things and he attempted to get under a breakfast room chair in this pic- he got about halfway.

He also loves to push around his dump truck- Daddy picked it out and also showed him how he can put other toys in it the back. Tupperware is his favorite to haul right now- ironic isn't it? He's a full blown walker now that he walks across rooms and from one to another. And even at 11 months our boy is a climber. We really have to watch him if we put him on the couch- he's been known to climb over the arm rests onto the end tables and then stand straight up (no kidding). The other day I was washing dishes while Steven was playing in the living room (about 10 feet away) with his activity table. I got lost in my

thoughts since I figured that he was fine...right...wrong. He pulled his Bumbo (that was also in the living room) up to his activity table and in seconds used it to climb on top of the table. I looked up because he was suspiciously quiet and saw him squatting on the top of the table like a little frog looking around...hmm, so that's what it looks like from up here. The Bumbo is in the closet now that I know it's become a step ladder. And needless to say, I've been very busy lately too.


Anonymous said...

Laura --he's absolutely adorable! Just think at least you only have one --my friend has two and they both walked right at around 10-11 months. The climbing part is normal and the scary part is that they have no fear of falling! My friend's kids will jump off or step off of anything. Oh, and quiet is never good unless they're asleep! It's so much fun to watch you, Stephanie, and Laurel go through these events all at the same time! And to see the difference between your boy and their girls! You're doing a good job!


Jenn said...

my gosh.. i have a goliath of a child on my hands, Laura! at 6 months Tegan is probably at least 20 pounds! AHHHH! It just makes me laugh when you say Steven is 22 lbs! I'll know for sure on Wednesday as it's T's well baby check-up. Isn't it strange how each baby can be SO different??? :)

Mimi said...


You are adorable! It is crazy that you are walking and climbing when only a few days ago you were taking your first steps!!


Rob Casey said...

Nice bandanna Steven!!!