Sunday, August 12, 2007

7 is the number of perfection

Today is our 7th wedding anniversary. Yes, you read that right...7! Yes, you are remembering right...I just turned 27 in July. Yes...we were young. It's been a wonderful seven years and I am constantly reminded even seven years later what a blessed woman I am to have such a wonderful husband. These are just a few of the reasons that I love him so much:

1 He thinks Legally Blonde (one of my favorites) is funny.
2 He’ll quote movie lines back and forth with me.
3 He introduced me to Patty Griffin (and all types of other music).
4 He brags on my cooking.
5 His mischievous chuckle when he knows he’s been caught at something.
6 He has introduced me to all sorts of things that I would have in no way found funny before we were married- for example: Stephen Colbert
7 He’ll help me put together a play list and glue Oprah faces on a stick for his sister’s bachorette party.
8 He consistently shows that Steven and I come first before his career.
9 He was as excited about Harry Potter Book 7 coming out as I was.
10 He has been diligently seeking how to create an environment of grace and family worship in our home.
11 He patiently waited in College Station, TX before moving ahead with his career so that I could finish my BA.
12 He offers to pick something up for dinner on his way home if he knows I’ve had a long, hard day with Steven.
13 He asks what needs to be done around the house and yard even after all the long hours he puts in at work.
14 He brainstorms ideas with me for Steven’s birthday and help me find the perfect (and easy) cake design online.
15 He encourages me to read more and suggests that I read books he enjoyed so that we can discuss them.
16 He notices everything…haircuts, new clothes, jewelry, even different make-up.
17 He tells me I look good and means it.
18 He tells me what a good mom I am and how impressed he is with the job I’m doing with Steven.
19 He points out when I’m being too critical and hard on myself- a constant struggle for me.
20 He asks me what I think about scripture, books, financial decisions, entertainment, and news and cares what I think.
21 He unfailing desire to learn about anything/everything.
22 He gets excited planning vacations and dates for us and is really good at it.
23 He can tell when I’m at my breaking point and says,” I’ll put Steven to bed, why don’t you get out for a while.”
24 He has stacks of books that he has yet to read, but he’ll order more anyway saying that he’ll read them one day when he has time. He’ll probably still have books in our study he hasn’t read when he retires and hopefully by then he’ll have time.
25 He loves Harry Potter as much as I do.
26 He loves God, Steven and I, his family, and friends in that order.
27 After seven years of marriage, Charlton knows me better than anyone else. He is my best friend, my most trusted advisor, and the love of my life.

Happy 7th Anniversary, Charlton!


Heather said...

Happy Anniversary guys! Wow - ya'll are old! I mean seasoned and wise! It is hard to believe that it has been 7 years - John's first wedding - wow. And Kevin's last - for a while at least.
Thanks for the memories - someday we'll hang out again - not in Peru...or maybe in Peru. ;)

Julee Casey said...

Congratulations you two!! How sweet are ALL the things you said Laura.... and yes I read them all. Can't wait to see everyone soon!!

Rob Casey said...

Wow- I didn't know other Christians liked the Colbert Report. You better edit your blog before you get in trouble! I knew there were several reasons why I liked you guys! Congratualtions

cw said...

Rob: I'm a proud husband for many reasons, but I'm particularly proud that Laura actually admits to enjoying the Colbert Report.

Jenn said...

You guys doing ok? We saw about all the flooding and rains. Hope so!

Sarah Hazel said...

Reese and I were 20 and 21 when we married, also.