Monday, October 22, 2007

New Neighbors

Look at this adorable little boy- who wouldn't want to move closer to see him more!!!

My parents are moving down the street from us...we need your prayers! And, yes, I wrote that sentence like that on purpose. =) Most people, when we tell them that my parents are buying a house on our street, have the same reaction. They usually wince and ask if that's a good thing. I always respond with a "YES, IT'S A GREAT THING!"

I think that when you are young and especially first married you worry about having SPACE, INDEPENDENCE, AND FREEDOM. You want to make your own decisions and not feel that your parents are influencing the way you want to live. The funny thing is that after you have a baby, your parents moving down the street means more SPACE, INDEPENDENCE AND FREEDOM. I guess the difference is that when you’re first married you need a break from your parents, but when you become a mom you need a break from your kid(s). Most of my mommy friends respond like I do and say they are trying to get their parents to move closer to them. But I guess for others (especially without kids) a warning light goes off in their head, while for the rest of us all that flashes through our brain is: MORE BABYSITTING! Steven adores Mammaw and Pappaw so he will be excited for some more grandparent time with them, too.

Anyway, I’ll tell you how you can pray for us: This has been a very quick development even though my parents have been talking about wanting to move closer for most of Steven's life. They put their house on the market a little over a month ago and in less than a week they had their first offer! That one fell through two weeks later but not before they had a second offer to buy their house—truly amazing and providential in the current real estate market. They have also found a house out here and their offer has been accepted. Both closings are scheduled for October 31.
1) Please pray that there will be no problems and that both closings will go through smoothly.
2) Also, my mom caught a horrible virus that has knocked her off her feet for almost two weeks now—not something you need while you are selling your house and moving all within two months.
3) My parents moving means that my grandmother, Gama, will be moving to an assisted living facility out here so that she will also be close to us. She and my mom have found a nice place and she is on the waiting list for an opening. Please pray that they will have a room for her soon and that this move will not have a bad affect on her health.

I am so excited that they will be in their new house for the upcoming holidays. Since they will be right down the street, we will have more family time and be in the car less…much less in fact since we can just walk down the street! Charlton and I love the Dixie Chicks and yesterday I remarked to him that they are singing about us in one of their latest songs. We’ll be "living in the same zip code as our parents do"….and we’re excited about it!


Jenn=) said...

In the picture of Steven with the striped shirt and his leg arched it looks like he is about to break into a jazz dance. You just wait hes going to be a dancer.

Anonymous said...

Laura, I am so excited for you and will pray for all the many details of your mom and dad's move and Gama's. There is a lot going on with your family. It will be so wonderful to have them close.



teri said...

We are going through EXACTLY the same things with my parents moving close to us. I haven't even lived in the same state as them in 10 years and now they will be 15 minutes away! It IS wonderful to have the extra help and family time. So far, we have been able to still feel like we have own lives and space while being close. Its a delicate balance, but definitely in a good way.