Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More Like Mom

Everyone always says that you become more like your parents when you have kids. When we were little, I remember my mom politely telling the grocery store clerk that she DID work at home (my mom was also a stay-at-home mom). The clerk had asked for a work number when she was taking down info on a personal check and had asked if my mom worked. My mom was always annoyed by that because most of them acted like that wasn't a "job."

Prime example how I am more like my mom: I keep getting calls from a certain credit card company for a Business credit card. We already have a personal one from them but they call about every other month to try to get me to sign up for another one. The first time this happened I politely said that I wasn't interested but she persisted until I said I was a stay-at-home mom and didn't need a business credit card. She briefly paused like she couldn't believe that "those" still existed and then asked if I had any hobbies. Yes, of course I have hobbies. Then she asked if I earned income from them because that could count too. By the way, in my mind that makes them a job and not a hobby. She kept asking, "isn't there anything you do that earns any money?" I finally ended this useless conversation with, "no, raising my son is a FULL-TIME JOB." So, now I start this monthly chat with that instead and they STILL ask me several times about profit-making hobbies before giving up.

Since when is a mom's worth based on how much money she brings in. I don't appreciate someone calling my home and then telling me that taking care of it, my husband, and child is not good enough or apparently time consuming. Yes, I just got another one of those calls and I'm irritated...just like my mom would be. =)


Lindsay Newcomer said...

You should tell them you work from home for the Better Business Bureau to report harassment of stay-at-home-moms by telemarketers.=)

Mimi said...

I use to be the same way (get angry and feel like I had to apologize for not having a job)but after many years I realized I am doing it right. As a Christian we will be ridiculed for being different. Even something as small as staying home, most people find it odd, but what a blessing you are to Steven and Charlton & what a difference you are making in their lives. You enjoy every minute of your time at home with Steven. He will grow up so quickly. I am so thankful you are able to stay home!!

~the seven of us~ said...

It is very frustrating. I feel the same when feeling out paperwork, like at the doctors office this week. The part about occupation and employer, over the years I have found creative ways to fill in the blanks... I'm sure the staff gets a giggle or a smile. But what can you do ~ know that it is the right thing for your family and thank God for the blessing!!