Saturday, October 27, 2007

Along came a (very cute) spider

I love it when Steven is in his pajamas. Charlton was jumping out from around the corner (Steven's favorite game) to get him to smile for the camera. These pjs were a birthday gift from Mammaw. I wanted to post pictures so that she could see how cute he is in them.

Other Steven news:

1) He has two more teeth coming in. His fourth bottom front tooth popped through yesterday and one top molar has a corner sticking through his sore gums. Molars are rough; that bad boy has been hanging out just under the surface for almost two weeks now. I feel like it's just teasing us with that corner poking through.

2) He is wearing a size 6 shoe which is pretty big for an almost 14 month old. I guess he's taking after his Daddy and Grandpa Dave (on my side).

3) He started pointing at thing a few weeks ago which we're hoping means that his first word is right around the corner. He's been trying to repeat "Uh-oh," but the "oh" part is tricky for him. Technically that's not a word but we think it counts. He also tried to repeat "shoes" this morning when we were putting his sneakers on his feet.

4) He gets busier (more active) by the day. I'm trying to keep up with all the things people say to me regarding that. The nursery workers at church think it's so funny so they usually have a line when we go to pick him up, and now parents comment on the playground too. The last few weeks its been things like, "man, he has a lot of energy," "he sure does like to play," and "he is really active for 13 months." Thankfully, he's a pretty good boy so those are just funny observations; although, I've definitely noticed changes in behavior that let me know we're not too far from the terrible twos.

5) He is down to one nap, and we are both enjoying it. I tried to keep him at two for a while but it just got to the point that if he took a morning nap, he couldn't fall asleep for his afternoon nap. He is so much more rested when he wakes up from his nap now. The only hard part is that he's always been an early riser, but he finally slept until 8 am yesterday- I was so excited!

Steven will be 14 months on Friday! How did he grow up so fast?


~the seven of us~ said...

14 months ... sure goes by in a hurry!! Steven has changed so much over the past few months and takes such fun pictures. His smile is contagious :o)

You aren't going to believe this ... but Billy wore those same spider pj's last night. I love them ... Might try and get a picture next time he wears them to post.

EvB said...

There's nothing better than pajamas... Steven looks very cute in his. Gracie would wear hers to church if I let her. She's a big fan of them, too. Who can blame them?