Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Steven's 1st Birthday Weekend

These are my comments to guide you through the pictures:

  • First two pics are from Sat morning- Steven has a mouthful of banana. I fixed him his favorite breakfast which is scrambled eggs. Kyle and Lindsay spent the night with us Friday night to help us get ready for the big day so some of these pics are compliments of them!
  • I made Steven's cake and iced it; then Charlton took over and did the whiting edging. I told him that it totally "made" the cake and he did a great job.
  • Obviously, we did a cowboy theme so we tried to have all "cowboy food." It included hot dogs, cornbread, baked beans, and corn on the cob. We also added some veggies, fruit, Twislers (I called them ropes), and chips and dip for Texas flare.
  • I had a section of another table for nostalgia. I had Steven's first year scrapbook I'm working on out for people to look through. And the grandmas brought pics of Charlton and I when we turned one. There's a pic of my mom's scrapbook of my baby pics and one of Charlton holding Steven and a pic of himself. We also had a slide show of Steven's first year going on the TV during the whole party. I had his first birthday invitation pasted to a scrapbook page and had everyone write a message for Steven around it.
  • Steven loved the tissue paper and took it out of most of the gift bags that were on the floor while I was opening his presents. So, I guess you could say that he opened some on his own.
  • Steven did not like the cake as you can tell from the pics. He spit it out as soon as he got a taste.
  • The last several pics are from Sunday- his actual birthday. I made him blueberry pancakes (a first of him). He loved the pancake part ( I let him play with a small whole one after he ate) but hated the blueberries. He made a face similar to when he had a bite of his cake. He was generous with his breakfast though and fed some grapes to his Daddy. He had a blast playing in the church nursery as usual and then played with his new toys the rest of the day taking a break only for his nap and to eat.


Lindsay Newcomer said...

Very cute! It was such a fun weekend!

Sean, Stephanie and Hattie said...

Great Pictures! The cake was so cute - how creative! Happy Birthday, Steven!

Kyle said...

Steven has very good taste in music (I'm assuming he requested Lyle and Guy Clark).

Thanks for having us!

jeniliz said...

What a wonderful party. It sounds like you added some nice touches to it.
Steven is so cute and I love his big boy hair cut.

Cheryl Wimberly said...

Adorable slide show! You did a great job planning, Laura and everyone had a good time. Steven, you are the cutest and you are growing up so fast! :) Your Aunt Cheryl loves you very much.

The Enchanted One said...

It looks like everyone had a fun time! Great slide show, I love the music. Makes me want to be Texan again!

EvB said...

It sounds like a very happy birthday weekend. Good job, mom, on orchestrating the entire event.

Bolline Family said...

Happy Birthday Steven!!