Saturday, September 22, 2007

At the Playground with Friends

Last week we went back to the playground with Steven's buddy, Jackson. Notice that in these pictures that they are not actually playing but are in the shade drinking water- we're trying to beat that Texas heat! It's still a little hot to go in the afternoon. =) But we did play some between the water breaks!


Jamie said...

Those boys are so cute together! I love watching them interact with eachother--very sweet!

Lisa Huntington said...

It is so wonderful that he has a little friend to grow-up with. Lunden(3) and Bryce (2) - (Jennifer's boys) have been great friends with Chandler and Ragan's little boys (Walker and Will). They are so little - but they get so excited about being with each other. You can just tell that they are always going to be best friends. How awesome to have friends with kids the same age as your own; I hope we have that too...when we have kids! :)

teri said...

Steven is too cute...& so grown up. Hey, I think we are coming to Houston in February! I bet Steven is even cuter in person! :)