Monday, September 17, 2007

Playground Comparison

Steven loves to be outside. Last week we went to our neighborhood playground since the weatherman promised us a "cool front" that day. I couldn't help but take pictures especially after I realized that we were doing the exact same things we did the day that he turned 6 months. Steven has grown so much...just take a look:
6 months..................................12 months

He couldn't do this at 6 months:


Jenn said...

I was just commenting on my friends blog about how fast these kiddos grow (she's 25 weeks preggers or so and she totally just popped over the past week). I look at these pics of Steven and can't believe how big and mature he's gotten! Tegan loves to play with the steering wheels at the park too. :) Good idea of taking similar pics... I'm going to go get a pic of T on our park bench and in the swing this week to add to the comparison group for us. :)

Lindsay Newcomer said...

I love Steven's little teeth. They are just so mischievous and fun looking! =)

EvB said...

Isn't the first year (and even the second) amazing!? The rate of change, growth and maturity is overwhelming at times. People can go just a few weeks in between visits with the kids at that age and find an entirely new person in that short amount of time. I love the pictures you took of Steven at both ages. Very usual.