Friday, June 15, 2007


That's right...thank goodness it's Friday! I've been looking forward to it all week. To be perfectly honest it's been a hard month for me and I've been living for the weekends, yet I've also had flashes of sheer mommy joy. It's hard to explain. My hormones (because of weaning) have hopefully been readjusting to normal, but I've been feeling anything but normal. Steven's top tooth came in a few weeks ago. The little stinker took weeks to finally pop through his swollen, sore gums. Poor baby! Then Saturday night Steven woke up 45 min after we put him to bed with a stuffy, cruddy nose. He (and I) have been miserable and worn out all week. I sure that he must have allergies- red, itchy eyes, runny/stuffy nose, and sneezy constantly. The doctor says there's no way to know for sure- well, I beg to differ! To top it off, his other top tooth is playing the same game as the first one- hanging out right at the edge and giving him a slight fever. Will the teething ever end?! Funny how in the middle of a really long day, we'll have the best time though. I love to hear him giggle, and if I crawl-chase him around the couch it works every time! So on to the joy part: Steven was a champ at weaning- what a huge surprise and relief! Charlton even said that it seemed like it was such a non-event. Steven didn't refuse a bottle once to try to nurse. He actually seems thrilled to be able to watch everything going on while he sucks down his bottle in record time and then immediately slides back down to the floor to play. Thankfully, I don't miss breastfeeding at all. I am, however, so happy that we did it for 9 months and had that special time, he's so grown up now. I'm working on his first year scrapbook (I've finished the maternity section and am moving on to the hospital pics so I'm a little behind but that's ok); I've been looking at pics from his first month and I can't believe that he was ever the little! It does make me a little sad that my baby won't be a baby much longer. But to head off any, we are not ready for baby #2 yet! I have gotten to the place now that I am looking forward to having another (which is a long way from where I was the first several months after Steven's birth). For now, I am really enjoying Steven. That explains in a small way the flashes of joy.

I think this pic is so funny- he's helping go through the mail.

You can see his new top tooth in this pic.

In Other News:
I now have a bridesmaid's dress for Aunt Jenn's (Charlton's sister) wedding July 14. And I have ordered Steven tux. It makes me laugh and cry to think about how cute he is going to look! I went to her bridal shower this weekend and took pictures. This is one of my favorites: Evan came towards the end so that all the ladies could meet him and he opened the last present with Jenn. They are (as usual) being goofy! I love it!

In these, Aunt Jenn's being Aunt Jenn! We love you!


Heather said...

Hey Laura! I love the pics! I know it has been a hard year and I do remember that it took me a long while to want to do that first year again. A lot of joy, but not without some stretching - children are very sanctifying - that is for sure.
We love you - sorry we haven't been keeping up better - it's not for lack of love, prayers or thoughts for you all. You and Charlton are precious to us and we do hope someday to meet little Steven.
Tell Jenn congratulations! I don't remember if we knew she was engaged. She looks beautiful!
Much love!

Sean, Stephanie and Hattie said...

Laura, you sound so much like me! For a few months I definitely thought one was IT for us. Now that Hattie is closing in on a year, I am feeling the baby-fever. I think God blesses us with Newborn Amnesia perhaps.

We were right where you are a few weeks back. Remember my post that Hattie was dropping her morning nap. That was NOT A FUN TWO WEEKS. Her top tooth popped through last week, and life is beautiful again! I am dreading its neighbor coming in, though.
Teething is ROUGH, TOUGH, and PAINFUL for baby and mama!

Steven is SO HANDSOME, though. I don't think Hattie should meet him until she's 30 ;0)! He's too cute!

liz said...

I love keeping up with you and Steven and Charlton. Steven is so cute! Hope to meet him is person one day.
much love

~the seven of us~ said...

It would have been so fun to see Steven at the shower last weekend. He is growing so fast...
Sounds like we are about the same place in our scrapbooks. I am working on the last day in the hospital pictures along with first trip home. Had intended to try and stay current, but there is so much to do :o)
Hope those teeth break through soon. Congrats on the successful weaning.
See ya soon ...

~the seven of us~ said...

Meant to add ... that I would love to see your scrapbook. Maybe this summer when we are down for the wedding.