Saturday, October 18, 2008

First Aggie Tee

We got Steven his first Aggie tees the weekend we escaped to  Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Kyle's place.  I always love going to College Station during football season- the excitement is contagious- and I just couldn't resist getting Steven one (or two).  We did not acquire many A&M things for Steven when he was a baby so I feel these were overdue.  Lindsay showed us to a tent sale where they were selling "bookstore stuff" cheap.  You've gotta love that.  I don't remember them doing that when we were in school except for special event t-shirts like for Maroon-Out.  Anyway since the t-shirts either run small or shrunk when I washed them, I knew I better take some pictures before he can't wear them anymore.  What better place to take them than outside at the playground where Steven's in his element.

Posing (not that he did much) is tough work!

A comparison...

Steven at 6 mos.

and now at 2 yrs.

Again at 6 mos.

And at 1 yr. (I remember taking this picture comparing it to the above and thinking that he was so big!  Actually I think I thought that at 6 mos. too.)

And last week at 2 yrs.

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Anonymous said...

Those are the best pictures. Such a little man. I love the pictures of when he is younger to compare how much he has grown. So handsom.