Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Escape to College Station

As I previously mentioned in one of my hurricane updates, Steven did great with all the craziness until the Friday after the storm.  In all fairness, it was the 7th day of things not being normal.  He woke up that morning excited that Charlton was home again instead of being at work but was quickly un-excited that his world had not return to normal overnight.  Our neighbors across the street and my parents down our same street both got power at 9 am that day.  We were hopeful that ours would be on any minute until we were told that a tree a few houses down had fallen on a power line...that was when we realized that our power line was not going to be labeled a quick fix and might be passed over (not comforting). 
We called a neighborhood info line and were told that everyone in the neighborhood should have power by Monday- not as bad as it could be but that meant it would be at least several more day.  It proceeded to get hotter as the day progressed (funny how that happens) so I called my sister later that afternoon to take them up on their offer for us to enjoy their AC and their company for the weekend.   Actually, they had offered for us to come over right after the hurricane but we of course were convinced that the power would be on that day.  It was about as last minute as it gets but they changed their plans that weekend to accommodate us- what an awesome sister!  
We threw our bags together, loaded the car, and then fought rush hour traffic across Houston to pick up free A&M football tickets from Charlton's boss who had called in the afternoon.  After stopping for dinner and traffic before getting on the road to CS, we did not arrive at Lindsay's until 10 pm Friday night and unfortunately Steven did not fall asleep.  And no, that did not help he get in a better mood for the weekend.  =)
We, however, were very happy to have a break from the inconvenience of no power and the fun distraction of visiting Aunt Lindsay, Uncle Kyle, and Gus (their dog).  Steven loves "Insey" and "Kycle" (the combo of Kyle and Uncle that Steven came up with on his own)- and when he also gets to see Gus he is pretty close to perfectly happy.  

Alas, we did not get to take Steven to his first Aggie game like we had hoped.  We discovered after our arrival to CS that A&M is one of the few major universities that makes toddlers have a ticket.  I told Charlton that it's probably because Aggies have a lot of babies and want to brainwash, I mean indoctrinate, early.  We did get to take Steven to the original (or at least the one we ate at in college) Freebirds- a popular burrito place for those of you outside of TX- and get a picture of the three of us.  
Afterwards, Uncle Kyle and Charlton went to the game.  Steven napped so Aunt Lindsay and I got to chat with no distractions which I realized later has been quite while since that has probably happened and it was nice!  
After he woke up, we went in search of some good ice cream and Steven's first Aggie t-shirt.  We spent two nights in the L&K hotel so on Sunday we were able to visit our old church that we went to during college.  Here's a fun fact for you: we both attended there before we dated, while we were dating, and after we were married- that's a lot of history at one church during college.  
It felt like only  yesterday since we were there until I remembered it had really been been 6 years.  It was a great trip back; we're looking forward to going again soon and Steven going to his first Aggie game- next time we'll make sure he has a ticket ahead of time.


~the eight of us~ said...

What a fun diversion during a difficult week. Hope things are back to 'normal'.

Anonymous said...

Laura I love the picture of the three of you at Freebirds. Fun day. Lindsay looks adorable. New glasses? I know it was wonderful getting away from the "no power" and having a special time with your sister & brother-in-law. Those are great memories.

Hooked on Fishing said...

You know I've always called Texas home, but I've never heard of Freebirds... Looks like you all had fun, and I'm glad Charlton gets to spend more time at home with you guys... I think it's important for a kid to have a dad around growing up... I know it was hard on us not having one...

Steve said...

Actually, I think the original location is the one on University across from the dorms.

Good ol' CS ended up being our retreat as well. We drove up for churhc on Sunday (the 14th). I had to go back that night for work, but Elisabeth and Rebecca stayed until Saturday morning (the 20th).

I agree - it was a lot of fun being back, and looking around at what has changed.